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 Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Welcome to 2nd To None! Here we like to have fun, take names & kick ass, but there are guidelines.

1. Application Process
- All new member will be on a 7 day initation period in which we will monitor acitivity on forums and PlayStation Network. After this time you will be put into Casual Clique, Gaming Squard, or Siin Division after meeting the requirements:
>Minimum of 5 posts
>>Remain Active on the forum
>>>Active on PSN
>>>>Abide by all Rules & Regs

- Any false information on an app will result in the app being declined.

- No Age Limit to Join SiiN, but you have to act mature and be a good player.

- Any strikes during initation period will result in being kicked.

2. General Regulations
- All members of SiiN will act in a mature manner. Anyone not acting in a mature manner will be issued a strike.

- No discriminating amoung members whether it be based on sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will result in a strike or a ban without warning or expectation.

- Spamming will not be permited and result in a strike.

- If any member has an issue with another member or rule do not openly express it chat or with that member, come to the B3N, Sweet_thrill or any of the higher ups in the clan.

- SiiN is a democracy and all members will be included in decisions regarding the clan.

- No Multiclanning, If you are in SiiN this is your one and only clan.

- No hacking, modding, cheating, glitching. If we are aware of the breaking of this rule you will be banned with no warning.

- No recruiting within the clan to other organizations.

- The Chat Box is a privlegde not a right, abusing the chat box will result in a strike.

- No Dulpicating Threads, Check to see if the topic is up before you post.

- Do not ask for a staff position. Staff position will be handed out to those we think our worthy. You may however ask to be on in the SiiN Division. We will evaluate your preformance and let you know if you are excepted into the SiiN Division.

-Have A Blast!

3. Strike System
- Offences against the clan shall be dealt with using the “3 Strike System”. Any time a member commits an offence against the clan by violating any of the rules and regulations they shall be subject to a strike by a moderator.

- Any member of SiiN who has been issued 3 strikes shall be permanently banned from the clan with any and all rights, rank, and privileges being revoked.

- In certain cases an offence may found to be so severe as to warrant by-passing the “3 Strike System”. In such a case the offending member may be permanently banned without first receiving any strikes. This is the sole discretion of the clan leaders.

3 Strike Examples:
>Abusive or prejudicial language = 1 strike
>>Causing a disruption in a private game/event = 1 strike
>>>Spamming threads = 1 strike
>>>>Trolling in-game or on forum threads = 1 strike

Instant Banning Examples:

>Hacking, modding or cheating of any kind.
>>Making a dual account on the forum
>>>Being a member of another clan/team other than EnD
>>>>Knowingly giving false/deceptive information on your profile/application.
>>>>>Discrimination of any kind. (race, sex, religion, ect.)
>>>>>>Recruiting or attempting to recruit an EnD member

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Rules & Regulations
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