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 Update 1/21 - The Beginning...

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Update 1/21 - The Beginning... Empty
PostSubject: Update 1/21 - The Beginning...   Update 1/21 - The Beginning... EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 1:09 am

This is just a quick update on what's happening and what to expect in the near future.

It's been two whole days since we decided to start this thing. And, honestly, its going better/quicker/smoother than I had expected. It a matter of two days, we already have a core group of 4 guys. (Btw..we cannot lose.. we're working on a 50+ win streak as of right now with this group)

Tonight we had our first "tryout", and and probably before he even knows it yet -- he's in. (Congratulations!) So yea.. if you're not in SiiN yet and you want in, play like this guy. Basically, this is what you have to do:

- Play smart: You should be able to kill the enemy more often then not BUT, K/D isn't always everything. For example in objective gameplay. Before worrying about your precious K/D ratio, you might have to defuse a bomb or something for the good of the team. We all do it. You should too.
- Don't be selfish: Along the same lines as "playing smart", if something needs to be done and you can do it, DO IT. Fuck your stats, be a team player and do it. I guess there's another side to this as well. Once you play with us as a group for awhile you'll realize where you fit in, what the others are capable of, their play style, etc.
- Don't be a douche: Nuff said.

If you apply and we think you're good enough, then have your tryout. We'll see if you got what we're looking for.


Okay. Plans for the future. Within a week or so we will be starting to participate in the CoD: ELITE events to get some experience for the clan. We're doing this to get the color clan tag and title... etc., etc,. Also, if you happen to have your founder experience points still, feel free to give them to SiiN. You know you want to...!

Evenings, as they come up, plan to play with some people for their tryouts. We want to have a full group together so everyone can get a feeling for things and if they are someone that will fit in with us.
--- Oh yea, these are people that YOU find. Keep an eye out in games for people tearing it up and ask if they are interested in trying out for a clan. Add them as friends or give them my PSN name or sweetthrill's. Whatever you gotta do. We'll give them a shot.

In regards to this site. It's a work in progress so bear with us. We're making steps each day to make it into something pretty damn cool and usable. If anyone has any Photoshop skills though and wants to spend 5 minutes making a banner for the top of this site (or anything else for that matter), feel free to do so. It'd be much appreciated. If not, be patient and me or sweetthrill will get around to it soon enough. If you have any suggestions or want to see something post it up in the "suggestions" section and we'll look into it.

Anyways.. I think I'm done rambling now. Keep killing it out there guys.

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Update 1/21 - The Beginning...
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