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Clan Ops are LIVE
fucking invite people
My SiiN application!
Clan Roster
Im Sorry...
$100k Enlistment on 1/29
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 SiiN APP/Survey

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PostSubject: SiiN APP/Survey   SiiN APP/Survey EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 12:07 am



Birthday: 04/02/1990

Location: THousand Oaks

Email Address: Eliteballer34@gmail.com

Game Related
KDr: 1.72

Playstyle: Rusher but Sly and elusive

How active are you on PSN? 7-8 a day/about 10+ on the weekend

How will you benefit SiiN? If i have a good team itll make it easier to win. i can average 20+ kills a match(Easily)

What do you want from SiiN? A good clan to play with

Previous Clans: N/A

Are you currently in a clan? Nope

Other Stuff
How active do you expect to be on this forum? couple times a day

Have you read the Rules & Regulations? Yes

Where did you here about us? MW3 forums, Dmell_16
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PostSubject: Re: SiiN APP/Survey   SiiN APP/Survey EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 12:12 am

Thank you for taking the time to apply to 2nd to None. Here at SiiN we offer winning and good times, just make sure to follow the rules & regs, stay active on psn (accept the inv's we hand out), and check the forums everyday. We all hope you have fun and pass your trial period so you can be apart of 2nd to None and start SiiN'n with us!

Make sure to add:

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SiiN APP/Survey
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